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Premier Shootings and Negligent Security Attorneys

In Florida, business owners have a duty to provide their customers with safe premises.

Simply put, business owners have a duty to ensure the safety of a customer or guest from injury, while on their premises. 

When you’re visiting a property such as a nightclub, apartment, convenience store or other business, you should expect a certain degree of safety as a customer, tenant or guest. If a property owner has been negligent in their responsibility to protect their guests, they may be held liable for any injury or death and you may be entitled to money.

Necessary steps must be taken to ensure your safety and to prevent acts of violence where people are living, working, or visit. Neighborhood crime statistics and the number of customers, tenants, or guests are some of the factors in determining proper safety measures. Security plans can vary based upon the type of property, but these are some of the most common measures that can be taken:

  • Pat Downs to Check for Weapons

  • Bag Checks & Searches

  • Adequate Lighting

  • CC TVs &Security Cameras

  • Parking Lot Security

  • Clear, Accessible Marked Exits

  • Outside Security Personnel

  • And More

We believe that customers, tenants and guests, should feel safe wherever they live or work, and it is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that necessary security is in place. If you’ve been injured at a nightclub, business, apartment, or other business contact Batts-Daniels Law. We work aggressively to get you the compensation you are owed by determining if the negligence of the property owner contributed to your injury. Call our team today to learn more about how we can help you or your loved one.

Tenacious Shooting Injury Attorneys

At Batts-Daniels Law, we offer aggressive representation for our clients seeking justice and monetary compensation for you and your family. As experienced shooting injury attorneys, we understand the laws and examine the fine details of these cases that allow us to develop a strategy to  seek the maximum, financial recovery for you.

Our dedicated investigators conduct thorough sweeps of the property to obtain critical information and gather dynamic media evidence (photos, video recordings, witness statements, etc. ) that will stand up in court. We use our legal expertise to help you and hold responsible parties accountable to ensure fair and just compensation under the law.


If you or a loved one are injured as a result of a business failing to provide adequate security, call our office immediately at (904) 432-1219 (Jacksonville) | (407) 843-9088 (Orlando) | (352) 562-7999 (Gainesville/Ocala) for a free consultation.

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